Nylon Fasteners | Nylon nuts and bolts


Nylon Fasteners - Nylon Nuts and Bolts: Nylon Fasteners are engineered molded plastic nuts, bolts and screws made of nylon. Please find our selection of nylon fasteners below.
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  • Flat Washers

    Nylon Flat Washer: A white nylon product for the purpose of providing a bearing surface between the fastener and mounting surface.
  • Gloves

  • Hex Finish Nuts

    Nylon Hex Nut: A perforated block of nylon possessing an internal or female thread intended for use on an external or male thread such as a screw for the purpose of tightening or holding two ore more bodies in definite relative positions. The nylon nut is made of a white nylon material and is intended for light duty corrosive type applications.
  • Machine Screws

    Nylon Machine Screw: A headed and external threaded screw possessing capabilities which permit it to be inserted into holes in assembled parts of mating which a preformed internal thread. The screw is made of white nylon material and is intended for light duty non-corrosive type application.