Steel Screws

Grattan Steel Screws

  • Audio Screws

    Audio Screws: Most comonly used to fasten speakers. Audio Screws are also used in speaker box construction and often used in automotive applications.
  • Cement Board Screws

    Cement Board Screws: Used to fasten concrete backer board to steel or wood studs. Available in self drilling, sharp and spoon screw points. A large head diameter increases board contact. Rib design under the head countersinks the cement board screw all while preventing stip-outs.
  • Deck Screws

    Decks Screws: Designed for Decks, Docks, Fences, Siding, Spas, Gazebos, Outdoor Furniture, Window Boxes & Planters, Lattice & Much More. Available in Cermaic Coated or Stainless Steel. Available in sizes ranging from 1 1/4" through 4". Packaged in 1# and 5# plastic boxes. Type 17 point designed to eliminate pre-drilling and wood splitting. Coarse Sharp Thread and Nibs to prevent spin out and self countersinking.
  • Dowel Screws

    Dowel Screw: A headless double ended externally threaded wood screw with gimlet point for the purpose of attaching two wood products.
  • Drive Screw / Nail

    Drive Nail: General use fastener primarily used to fasten plywood to a non weight bearing surface.
  • Drywall Screws

    Drywall Screw: A externally threaded screw for attaching drywall to wood studs.
  • Framing Screws

    Framing screws: A headed externally threaded heat treated screw for attaching stud to track up to 2 gage studs to door frames and light boxes to studs.
  • Hinge Screws

    Fringe Screw™ is a specially designed replacement hinge screw that fixes common door problems such as binding, sagging or crooked door.
  • Interior / Exterior Multipurpose Screws

    Multi-Purpose Screws - General use fasteners for both interior and exterior applications. Exterior Multi-Purpose screws are Yellow Zinc coated. Interior are Black Phosphate.
  • Jax Pro™

  • K-Lath

    K-Lath Screws: A large washer face headed externally threaded heat treated screw for attaching k-lath or wire lath up to 12 gage metal.
  • Lag Screws

    Lag Screw: A headed and externally threaded fastening device designed for installation through holes in a fixture or part with a gimlet point and a coarse thread to cut its own thread into wood. The lag is driven by its hex head; it is recommended to pre-drill. The lag bolt is made of steel, we offer them in an array of different platings.
  • Laminating Screws

    Laminating Screws: Used to temporarly attach drywall to drywall. Features a coarse thread. Black Phosphate.
  • Machine Screws

    Machine Screw: A headed and externally threaded mechanical device possessing capabilities which permit it to be inserted into holes in assembled parts of mating with a performed internal thread and being tightened or released by torqueing its head.
  • Multipurpose Self Tapping Screws (wood to metal)

    Multipurpose Self Tapping Screws: A countersunk headed externally threaded self drilling screw for attaching wood to metal without pre-drilling. Its wing over-bores wood to allow for additional revolutions to allow point to drill metal surface and the wings break off when entering metal hole.
  • Particle Board Screws

    Particle Board Screws: Used to fasten particle boards together.
  • Roofing "PoleBarn" Screws

  • Self Drilling - TEK

    Self Drilling Screws as known as TEK® screws: Screws with a Self Drilling point include Flat, Hex and Hex Washer head fastener types.
  • Sheet Metal Screws

    Sheet Metal Screw: An externally threaded tapping screw for the purpose of tapping its own coarse thread in a metal surface with a pre-dilled pilot hole.
  • Wood Screws

    Wood Screw: A headed and externally threaded screw with a gimlet point to thread into a pre-drilled pilot hole into wood.